Hi guys.

So lately, I have been hearing a lot about the movie Pan of the Warner Bros, all the positive and negatives reviews and recommendations were driving me crazy. I guess the best way to find out is to go to the movie after all.

I’m not saying that I wasn’t excited at all. In fact, the trailers had got me waiting for months before its premiere. After all, even though I’m not British, Peter Pan had always been my childhood, and this may just be a random fact that I still remember very much from the Disney movies.

Anyway, I had a great first impression with the trailers, despite the poster ( Yeah, it wasn’t my type ), actors’ performances are brilliant, the story is easy to understand,… How can anyone criticize it so badly? Oh wait, did I mention the accent? Delicious! Especially when it comes to Levi Miller’s voice, all I can say is AMAZING! When I was watching the movie with 2 other friends, one girl one guy, she and I just couldn’t stop talking about it, so much that my guy friend started to look at us as if we were pedophiles ( Ewww, we’re so not! ).

Another new fact I’d learned before going to Pan was that many Neverland scenes in it were actually film in Vietnam, which makes me want to see this movie even more. Oh yes, and the popcorn combo. Instead of a normal straw, we had the sword Peter uses in the movie for that. I’d love to post a photo for that, but I’m afraid copyrights won’t allow me doing so.

Stunning movie, yes, obviously. But there is just something I don’t really understand. Is it just me or the logic in Pan is not correct? The movie was set in World War II, while Disney’s Peter Pan in return to Neverland was also put in the same period. What? That can’t be, right? I honestly have no idea.



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